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Merino Wool Foot Stool

Merino Wool Foot Stool



Luxury handmade items from Ren Living – Mustard foot stool

The home of hand crafted accessories using luxury Merino wool and 100% recycled cotton.
Each item is handmade in the lovely Lincolnshire Fens. We use the softest chunky Merino wool which originates from South Africa.

Merino wool is special and has such magical properties. It is breathable, so regulates body temperature, keeping you warm on a cold wintery night and cool in the warm balmy summer. It is eco friendly due to its sustainability as well as hypoallergenic. And as this isn’t an item that can be thrown into the washing machine you’ll be pleased to know that it has a natural dust and grime repellent due to the natural proteins and fats found in Merino wool.
So now you know you can’t wash it, I bet you’re scared to use it, but don’t be.
“So how do I clean it?” I hear you say. Well the secret is to mop up any spills immediately with a clean dry cloth. If necessary you can use cold water to rinse the area and blot between towels. DO NOT RUB DRY. The friction will cause damage to the threads, cause felting and lose the wool’s softness. If after a time you want to clean the entire item you can take it to be dry cleaned. To keep your beautiful Merino investment looking good you must treat it with some level of care. Just like you would if you had bought a beautiful woollen jumper. Don’t be scared to use it just make sure that when pilling naturally occurs due to friction, you gently snip any small bobbles away and smooth the fibres down in the direction of the wool threads. This will keep your Merino item looking like new when your friends and family come over to admire it.

So the only challenge now is to select your colour and design. There’s lots to choose from!
My only advice would be is this… ‘if in doubt go bold!” This is going to be a luxury statement piece in any room of your house so make it count and get the attention it deserves.

Aprox height 30cm


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