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Felt Zebra in Knitted Jumper

Felt Zebra in Knitted Jumper


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Hand felted zebra in knitted jumper.

This wonderful and unique zebra is created by Eve Marshall, a local Artisan Felter.

We love her work here at Pearl & Ruby!

“It all begins with a bit of fluff and a lot of imagination”. Eve an artisan felter and teacher based in rural Lincolnshire with a BA in fine art. Her framed artwork pieces have over 50 fine layers of wool and other textural pieces to add depth and realism. She has always been inspired by nature and wildlife and love’s to see how much detail she can create using wool. The process of needle felting is amazing, you can take something so raw, stab it with a needle and create something unique. From just a little piece of fluff you can make anything. Eve chooses to use a single needle to create her pieces because she is able to sculpt, add colour and texture simply and effectively. It gives such instant results and can be used at any scale from larger wall hangings to the tiny, detailed animals she makes.

Please note this is not a toy.
Approx 27cm


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