machine embroidery

The Joys of Free Machine Embroidery., a new sewing course in spalding.
Free Machine Embroidery is a way of freeing up your machine allowing you the ability to `draw` and colour with your sewing machine needle.
This is not to be confused with the computerised programmes that are found on many computerised machines and which in effect do all the work for you while you sit back and just watch, no this asks of you to become the artist and puts you in the driving seat and in control of your machine, rather than your machine being in control of you!
Once you have mastered the art of Free Machining your world is opened up to you enabling the making of unique and special gifts both for yourself, your home and your friends. It allows you to sew your own unique designs on all manner of items and can be an added extra ` something special` if you make your own clothes and household items. The ability to do appliqué quickly and easily also is another bonus, no time consuming turning in of edges as your stitches will do the work for you!
As you become more and more adept you can make wall-hangings and pictures, and these, like all the other things you make can then be hand embroidered and embellished in the final phase if you so desire.
So this knack of `drawing ` with your sewing needle is not unlike learning to ride a bike, once you have the knack the world is your oyster you could say!!
So if this form of creativity inspires you do come along to one of our courses. You don`t need a fancy machine by any means, just one that you are able to drop the feed dogs on, as this is an essential, as is lots of lovely fabrics and threads!!!
You will find Free Machining very addictive and time will fly by!!

Next course date; Wednesday 13th September, 9.30am-3.30pm(places still available please ring to book!)

The cost is £75 and includes a light lunch.

The project will be a beach huts inspired cushion.

Accepting Visa, mastercard and Amex via Worldpay