machine embroidery

We have run several free-machine embroidery courses in the past with great success, and are currently in the process of planning similar sessions for 2018! Make sure you check back here, on our facebook page, so you don't miss them!

The Joys of Free Machine Embroidery.

Free Machine Embroidery enables you to `draw` and colour with your sewing machine needle! Not to be confused with computerised programmes that are found on many contemporary machines (which in effect do all the work for you while you sit back and have a cuppa!), free-machine embroidery puts you in the driving seat and encourages you to become the artist! Free machining is a really useful skill, enabling you to embelish all sorts of homewares, clothing, and gifts to give it that added extra touch. Not only this but it will also improve your confidence and control when using your sewing machine generally. You don`t need a fancy machine by any means, just one that you are able to drop the feed dogs on, as this is an essential, as is lots of lovely fabrics and threads!!!

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